Apartments: The Uninvited Guest Welcomed or Unwelcomed

Since the cave dwellers walked, the earth human beings were honing their survival skills to adapt to the harsh world surrounding them. These skills have advanced to such an extent in the modern world it is difficult to separate which decisions are based on logic or primal instinct. However, we put these skills to use every day even if we fail to realize it. Scavenging for example is a resource we use, but it is labeled as recycling. Territorial wars even, we do not need land that is not ours, we just want it because it is there. These skill sets applied to a modern day apartment will eventually result in the uninvited guest, the person(s) who marks their territory with boxes of left over pizza and half-eaten chip bags.

The uninvited guest is a person who takes pride in leeching resources ...

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Relationships in Apartments: The Carefree Lifestyle of Adults

The natural sex drive we have as human beings is a strange thing. It defeats reason, because we can do the nasty any and everywhere without a care in the world. We even take these acts of love into apartment buildings, the buildings that have sheltered an entire herd of people over a course of years. So why do we take our sex into these germ filled couches and mattresses? Is it something the apartment has that a house does not? We might as well open a center for sex and post up a sign saying, “open for business.”

One may expect an apartment to be prepared by the time they arrive, but truth is they were not present for the spring cleaning phase...

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The Apartment: Huge on the Inside, Small on the Outside

The jingle of keys ring throughout the atmosphere, leaving anxious ears plastered up against the windows of the apartments in portland oregon. The sunbeams on the black tar produce a heat wave effect, while the grass whistles in the wind. There is a sharp turn leading a man in the direction of his newly found apartment, his footsteps shadow his movement while the woman in black awaits him at the door. She steps back, he steps forward, keys are inserted it all seemed to happening in the blink of an eye. In front of him, this four walled slate covered by shadows from the dim lightning, his life would never be the same.

Apartments are not your average Joe of the housing community; these rooms take effort spruce up and stabilize...

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House Parties in College Apartments and the Aftermath

Campuses are amazing, all the strange animals of the night come out to play, from the Goth girls to the stoners, there is something magical in the air, and it all leads to one apartment. That two thousand word paper assigned can wait, after all its Friday. Bus lines stretch for miles as college students’ flock to their destination. The smell of alcohol slips past campus security, and campus security skips their shifts to join the fumble. Soon the buses arrive at the bustling yard leading up to a small, brilliant animated apartment. The apartment comes to life around this time the walls vibrate from the boisterous sound waves and the floor trembles as the stampede of eager feet run wild.

Apartments were not designed to take such a beating; warm bodies in the act of drunk love constantly s...

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