Apartments: the Uninvited Guest Welcomed or Unwelcomed

Since the cave dwellers walked, the earth human beings were honing their survival skills to adapt to the harsh world surrounding them. These skills have advanced to such an extent in the modern world it is difficult to separate which decisions are based on logic or primal instinct. However, we put these skills to use every day even if we fail to realize it. Scavenging for example is a resource we use, but it is labeled as recycling. Territorial wars even, we do not need land that is not ours, we just want it because it is there. These skill sets applied to a modern day apartment will eventually result in the uninvited guest, the person(s) who marks their territory with boxes of left over pizza and half-eaten chip bags.

The uninvited guest is a person who takes pride in leeching resources from apartments as long as possible. These guest are not restricted to personal relationships, they can be animals, babies and grandparents. Now, you might ask yourself what is wrong with having visitors on an occasional basis. The answer is absolutely nothing, however it is when they overstay their invite and suck up every bit of food as if they own the food markets. Often in these scenario’s when the land lord knocks on the door, the apartment is thrown into a chaotic frenzy, from the outside it sound as if earthquakes are being muffled.

Eventually they stuff themselves in the wardrobe attempting to avoid falling out wooden doors. After such a travesty, I would hope an average person would want to toss them as soon as possible, but it is not an easy task. So what happens when you want to get rid of them? All you can do is wait it out, as human beings we stick to what and who natural feels right, this magnetic feature we have can be our downside sometimes.

Clingy guests may have their own apartments in Portland Oregon, and somehow they manage to migrate like herds of zebra into our unsuspecting lives without rent money! Although hope is not lost, there is always the last resort, the end game of all end games, the cream of the crop! The neglect method works 99.9% of the time, ignore all of your basic needs at the expense of your health and eventually they will have to fold. Like that, college roommate who did not want to take out the garbage. Eventually someone will fold from the smelly garbage and take it out securing their health practices.

How did it begin, how did a simple “Sure come on in” Become a staggering “You need to leave…now!” The answer lies within the person who let them in in the first place. I am sure apartments in Portland Oregon, do a security check measuring the “low –life “scale on an individual. A gift or a bottle of wine are easily changed into a 3-month motel stay…careful whom you let in your life!