House Parties in College Apartments and the Aftermath

Campuses are amazing, all the strange animals of the night come out to play, from the Goth girls to the stoners, there is something magical in the air, and it all leads to one apartment. That two thousand word paper assigned can wait, after all its Friday. Bus lines stretch for miles as college students’ flock to their destination. The smell of alcohol slips past campus security, and campus security skips their shifts to join the fumble. Soon the buses arrive at the bustling yard leading up to a small, brilliant animated apartment. The apartment comes to life around this time the walls vibrate from the boisterous sound waves and the floor trembles as the stampede of eager feet run wild.

Apartments were not designed to take such a beating; warm bodies in the act of drunk love constantly slam against the walls. The apartment develops an envy, furious at this act of betrayal; it begins to shed its plastered paint in a show of tears. Carpets are engaged in an act of war, fighting to keep its balance between the amount of shear puke and friction. The college students continue their rampage throughout the shackled building throwing their bodies around in the belly of the beast. In a futile effort to save itself, the apartment calls its friend from the apartments in Portland Oregon.

Soon campus security arrives and the apartment lets out a sigh of relief, hoping that its pain will end. Unfortunately, that did not happen, campus security waltzed their way in the party as if nothing ever happened. How long must this suffering last, when will it cease? The night goes on, the apartments in Portland Oregon have done their best to settle the dispute, and the apartment is on its own now left to the wrath of the college students. However, their rampage has tired down, the only remains are the remnants of the tired bodies scattered the furniture. Heavy bodies sink in on the futons, passed out and exhausted. Liquids and other unknown substances tarnish the wooden tables. The apartment begins to slow down its internal processes, the lights begin to dim, and it begins to lose deflate as people begin to leave.

The aftermath is devastating; posters ripped from the wall, rug burned carpets and not to mention there is still that passed out girl laying lax on the futon. Cleaning apartments are difficult task especially when some 60 plus people violated its special space. Those stains in the fabric of the carpet are a tragic reminder of what happens when “worlds collide.” The party world and apartment home should never clash; they have been mortal enemies since…well forever. Who in their right mind would cram an entire boatload of people into a room supported by four walls and Walmart furniture?   Crazy college kids right? We often do not think twice about a room’s soul and fine china before we demolish it, apartments are conscious, beware students!