Relationships in Apartments:The Carefree Lifestyle of Adults

The natural sex drive we have as human beings is a strange thing. It defeats reason, because we can do the nasty any and everywhere without a care in the world. We even take these acts of love into apartment buildings, the buildings that have sheltered an entire herd of people over a course of years. Relationships in Apartments:The Carefree Lifestyle of AdultsSo why do we take our sex into these germ filled couches and mattresses? Is it something the apartment has that a house does not? We might as well open a center for sex and post up a sign saying, “open for business.”

One may expect an apartment to be prepared by the time they arrive, but truth is they were not present for the spring cleaning phase. Who knows what went on in that brief amount of prep time? The bacteria and germs could have thrown a party and receded back into their corners before the key even opened the doors.

There was never once a can of air spray to cleanse the odor soaked air or a whiskbroom to sweep out the dust sealed away in the crevices of these buildings. Personally, some people just don’t care where it happens, once there is something that hides our “junk” from the public. Sex in apartments are only for the brave,  people that have the confidence and bravery to lay on a grime filled sofa and make it even more grimy. Honestly, it is shocking to find out what kind of “machines” and “contraptions” people are capable of setting up in such a small room.

I bet the average male would not set up a mini dungeon in his house for sexual pleasures, he would have to be a real deviant, not to mention hide it from his kids simultaneously. Similarly, women wouldn’t partake in a hot wax ritual in the middle of their living room. These wild acts need to be contained and what better place than in a room that does not belong to you. Unlike those beautiful apartments in Portland Oregon, it is highly unlikely the proprietor is going to cater to your request of soundproof walls. Every moan and wail will penetrate those thin walls, and suddenly everyone thinks some poor animal is suffering some people should keep it in their pants until their neighbors leave for the “nine to five” shift.

People owe it to apartments these days. Without these “hit and run” buildings people could not throw their cares to the wind for a week or one night and just, bang all their worries into the nearest bed. The beauty of sex is that it is free, providing you have consent. Good thing the people who care enough are frolicking in the land of apartments in Portland Oregon, their pure little hearts would not be able to fathom such a scene, all that body liquid flying around on the furniture. Sex is free, do it anywhere, but please show the apartments mercy.