The Apartment: Huge on the Inside, Small on the Outside

The jingle of keys ring throughout the atmosphere, leaving anxious ears plastered up against the windows of the apartments in portland oregon. The sunbeams on the black tar produce a heat wave effect, while the grass whistles in the wind. There is a sharp turn leading a man in the direction of his newly found apartment, his footsteps shadow his movement while the woman in black awaits him at the door. She steps back, he steps forward, keys are inserted it all seemed to happening in the blink of an eye. In front of him, this four walled slate covered by shadows from the dim lightning, his life would never be the same.

Apartments are not your average Joe of the housing community; these rooms take effort spruce up and stabilize. However, they possess potential; possibly even enough to outshine mansions. One can choose to mold this potential and harness it into a thing of great power or it can resemble the haunted house we never managed to approach with our friends. Inside these great “mammoths” are spaces craving to be filled, outlets waiting for plugs and kitchens desiring the “Betty Crooker” style.

There is the space for that portable gas cooker you always wanted, and then the single bed leaning up against the wall like the “cool guy” from the block. Who say’s apartments aren’t allowed a secret life of their own? The mysterious presence an apartment possesses is neither daunting nor exciting it is simply indescribable. Suppose the apartments in Portland Oregon had a mini celebration every time their residents left the room, just imagine the kitchen stove and the toilet, lighting one up. The “rabbit hole” aspect of the apartment most interesting, people know what to expect from a house, but an apartment is like the mystery meat you never managed to figure out in grade school.

Walking inside of a “new” (apartments in Portland Oregon are recycled houses) apartment grants a feeling of emptiness, the expired air built up in the room brushes past your face the instant you open the door. Then suddenly you realize that many have come before you, and many will come after you, the air inhaled will be that of others.

In detail, an apartment in Portland Oregon manages to strip the fabric of originality while simultaneously granting permission for personalized design. These marvels of the housing market support the weak by leeching the strong, a fantastic display of human altruism and grace. However, the mystery goes beyond the room, it extends into the very reason as to why we would want an apartment in Portland Oregon; the world is an oyster (a big oyster too). These cubicles are an extension of our personality and all of our dark secrets, behind these walls people are free to dabble and wonder the world’s curiosities free from the grips of the banks and IRS agents. These cubed shaped “question marks” are the ultimate escape from reality and a perfect entrance into fantasy.